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Here are links to fellow nature photographers who are my personal favorites, many of whom I have met in person.

I chose these photographers, in particular, because I find their work to be especially inspiring and captivating. Each has put his/her heart and soul into crafting images that evoke feeling and emotion, capturing nature's essence with creativity and personal vision, often going beyond documentation:

  • - My hero and personal mentor! Nancy Rotenberg is a renown nature photographer and kindred spirit whom I have had the pleasure of meeting on several occasions at NANPA. In April 2003, I had the privilege of attending her week-long Callaway Gardens (GA) workshop, and I am scheduled to take her "Creative Process" workshop on Natural Tapestries Farm (PA) in June 2004. Nancy brings a uniquely creative approach to photography and shares this with contagious energy and enthusiasm.

  • - Another hero of mine! I met Freeman Patterson during an author book-signing at NANPA in 2001. Since then, he has become a true inspiration for me - both as a fellow human being who overcame difficult health challenges, and as an artist who views photography as a profound form of self-expression.

  • - Jim Brandenburg's images captivate me because of their quiet, "inner beauty." I met Jim at the 2003 NANPA summit in Albuquerque, NM. A modest, soft-spoken man, Jim's "Thoreau-like" approach to nature photography makes total sense to me and is a necessary part of the creative process. I admire his patience and openness to finding that one definitive image, which captures the essence of time and place.

  • - Gary Braasch's eye is keenly aware of magnificent pattern, shape, form and texture. He offered excellent positive feedback about my work during a Portfolio Review at the 2003 NANPA Summit. I admire his concern for environmental causes as well and completely agree with him that nature photographers must use their cameras as "weapons of mass instruction."

  • - I have not met Tony Sweet in person, but I admire his work and artistic vision. Our paths will undoubtedly cross sometime in the future.

  • - A regular columnist for Outdoor Photographer magazine, Dewitt Jones brings his own "wit" and unique knowledge of the creative process into discussions about nature photography. I'll never forget that squirting toy camera he used to illustrate a point during his keynote address at the first NANPA Summit in Ft. Myers, FL! I look forward to reconnecting with Dewitt at the tenth Summit in Portland, OR in January 2004 and hope to experience one of his Hawaii workshops in the future.

  • - I first read about Canadian nature photographer Maria Zorn's work in the May 2003 issue of Photo Life magazine. She sheds "new light" on macro flower photography.

I'd be curious to hear your thoughts and opinions of these photographers' works. If you know of other nature photographers with similar artistic styles and philosophies, please contact me!

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