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Improve Your Photography Skills with Charles Needle

“Holland at Tulip Time”

April 17-23-2022

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Join award-winning fine art photographer, Charles Needle, for an unforgettable photographic workshop adventure.  With more than 25 years of full-time teaching experience both in the field and classroom, Charles provides a supportive, creative and fun group atmosphere for you to learn and grow.  His primary aim is to help you see in new ways and expand the limits of your own creativity, regardless of skill level.  

As a passionate and dedicated instructor, Charles specializes in creative macro, Impressionistic and creative smartphone photography.  He also teaches you how to approach any subject with fresh eyes and learn to see on a much deeper level.  When you take a workshop with Charles, you’ll leave with an invaluable treasure trove of new knowledge and discover how to engage your mind, eye and heart so they are all in perfect synchronization, making you a better photographer, more in tune with your subject.

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