About me

For me, the craft of nature photography is a form of deep meditation.  Peering through my viewfinder immediately transports me to another dimension of awareness.  All time and space seem to stand still, and soon the mesmerizing and beautiful “essence” of each subject is revealed to me in previously unimaginable ways. Whether I am witnessing a sunrise over a majestic mountain range, or the innermost dimensions of a flower, I always stand in complete awe and reverence for what lies before me.

As a nature photographer, my primary mission is to allow viewers to reconnect with the world around them, and to deepen their awareness and appreciation for the beauty of nature — in all its glory and its smallest details.  I want them to feel the quiet stillness that nature inspires — and to receive the same personal “healing” from viewing my photographs that I experience when making images in the field.

Subjects reveal themselves to me, rather than the other way around. And the magic of it all happens in one instant with the click of the shutter, when my creative vision merges with the subject’s “essence,” and that intangible but powerful feeling or emotion gets translated into pixels for eternity.

My camera is an extension of self, because the craft of nature photography itself was instrumental in my recovery from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome more than 30 years ago. Just as a photographer paints with light, I too have discovered my innermost “light” from behind the camera lens.

My Creative Process

Using a tripod and a low ISO whenever possible literally force me to slow down and commune with nature, noticing even the most subtle details of light, form, texture, shape, color and design. Often before I even set up the camera, I begin by just getting quiet and observing my subject peacefully and intimately. This deep communion often evokes feelings and emotions, which I then strive to capture in each photograph.

In each awe-inspiring photograph, I strive to reveal a world beyond what most viewers might see at first glance. Using soft, pastel colors, shallow depth of field, and artistic composition, I am able to create beautiful, artistic interpretations that transcend ordinary vision. Thus, in doing so, my intention is to create a kind of “visual meditation” — a powerful, personal, and transforming journey that begins through the eyes and ultimately touches the soul.

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