Botanical Dreaming


Botanical Dreaming: Using Photoshop, Your Camera and Your Heart to Create Inspiring Images


Charles’ good friend and former teaching partner/Photoshop expert, Mark S. Johnson awakens your creativity and explores the possibilities of macro flower photography in this beautiful paperback book.

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Showcasing more than 100 one-of-a-kind flower portraits, Mark’s book is not only a beautiful coffee-table book, but also a photo seminar and self-help book all rolled into one!

A synergy of philosophy, photography, and Photoshop, Botanical Dreaming provides inspiration and the know-how to capture close-up images of flowers and turn them into masterpieces. Easy-to-follow text and stunning imagery guides you through the creative process – before, during and after you’ve clicked the shutter.

In Part One, Mark opens his heart to share an optimistic perspective on life and how it influences the creative process. Part Two reveals secrets for using a macro lens and natural light to capture eye-catching flower images. Part Three explores the endless possibilities of Photoshop to turn ordinary photos into works of art. The tips and techniques covered transcend any particular version of Adobe Photoshop and dip gracefully into the well of classic image making.


Craft, Vision, Inspiration—Mark Johnson’s book, Botanical Dreaming, guides the reader on a journey of creative thinking, photographic insights, and valuable Photoshop tutorials with a well-written text and a variety of beautiful images. – Katrin Eismann, artist, author, and educator

Botanical Dreaming is a powerful testament to the healing and inspiring spirit of Mark’s soulful work as an artist and teacher. Stunningly beautiful photography and a wealth of inspiring photographic and Photoshop techniques are just the icing on the cake.– Craig Tanner, Radiant Vista co-founder

Joseph Joubert once wrote, ‘He who has imagination without learning has wings but no feet.’ Through his explorations of the art and craft of photography, Mark Johnson supplies readers with both inspiration to sprout wings and fundamental techniques to provide sound footing. Using beautiful imagery and insightful observations, Mark invites us to grow on our creative paths—to get out onto the dance floor of life and celebrate the glory of flowers.– Nancy Rotenberg, photographer, author, and educator

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