Creative Smartphone Photography: Part 2

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Creative Smartphone Photography: Part 2

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This recorded webinar, sponsored by Hunt’s Photo, is primarily geared toward iPhone users; however, you can certainly participate if you own an Android phone. (Many of the apps Charles will discuss and demonstrate are only available for iOS devices; however, you can often find an equivalent in the Google Play Store, and Charles will mention the names of these apps whenever possible.)

Creative Smartphone Photography: Part 2

Join award-winning Colorado-based fine art photographer, Charles Needle, for Part 2 of his “Creative Smartphone Photography” webinar. In this class, Charles will take a deeper dive and discuss key shooting and editing apps he didn’t have time to discuss in the first class.

In a series of “live” demonstrations with his phone mirrored on his computer screen, Charles will discuss and demonstrate four specific shooting apps:
• Camera+ 2 (to enhance your mobile macro photography)
• Average Cam Pro (to create beautiful multiple-exposure painterly images)
• Slow Shutter Cam (to create long exposures)
• DMD Panorama (to create 360-degree panoramic photos)
Then he will discuss and demonstrate these four editing apps, and more, if time permits:
• Distressed FX Plus (a new and improved, updated version of Distressed FX)
• Artista Impresso (to transform your images into jaw-dropping paintings)
• Color Thief (to blend colors from one photo with another)
• Image Blender (to mix and combine two or more images)

As in the previous class, you’ll come away from this jam-packed 2-hour session with new knowledge that will empower you to make images you never imagined possible with your smartphone.

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