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With more than 25 years of teaching expertise as a full-time professional photographer, Charles offers a wide variety of in-person workshops, online seminars, customized private mentorship packages and corporate retreats — all designed to teach you how to see more deeply and craft artistic, expressive images you never dreamed possible!

His areas of expertise include creative macro, Impressionistic photography, creative iPhone photography, beginning photography, intermediate photography, advanced photography, photography as a spiritual practice (mindful photography) and more.

Charles’ primary goal as a teacher is to help you take your photography to the next level, regardless of current skill level.  He challenges you to think outside the box and learn innovative approaches to subjects, whether intimate closeups or grand landscapes.  You’ll come away inspired with renewed appreciation for beauty and an understanding of how photographic image-making can be a powerful form of personal expression.

Explore various learning options below.  Elevate your artistry, see in new ways, and express yourself in unimaginable ways!


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A big gratitude for your wonderful virtual performance at the Out of Chicago Live Conference last Fall.

Just wanted to say that your positivity is contagious and your interest to experiment is wonderful. Paired with your philosophy of life, it made it by far the most inspirational talk I listened to at this conference… something significantly different from the masses. The matching with Freeman Patterson was also great, and I deeply enjoyed both you. Your reciprocal respect and friendship was shining through your talk. For this inspiration, I wanted to deeply thank you.

René A – Switzerland

Apart from the continuing inspiration, Charles is a great instructor.

I’ve had the pleasure of participating in several presentations and workshops with Charles… the first being way back in 2008 at a NANPA conference. That presentation, and his related eBook, Creative Macro Photography, have inspired me so much that it has completely changed the way I think and has opened a wonderful world to a much deeper level of creativity in my images. I have also attended workshops based on his newer book, Impressionistic Photography, which has given me new inspiration and taken my thought process and creativity to even greater levels.

Charles is patient, exceedingly knowledgeable, and one of the most genuinely gracious people I know. Anyone who has the opportunity to learn from him will be truly blessed and inspired. I now teach and lead workshops of my own, and credit much of what I know and teach in macro photography to Charles.

Valerie H – East Lansing, MI

Charles’ excitement for photography is contagious.

Personally, he made me see photography in a new light, and I credit him for awakening my creativity, setting me on the path to become a respected fine art photographer.  He may be humble, but the images he creates are truly amazing.  Best of all, he is willing to share his vision and creative techniques so others may benefit.

Sandy D – Beaufort, SC

He is a very engaging and excellent teacher.

Charles’ books and in-person teachings have made me fall in love with flower photography, which has now become my main subject.  I feel that a lot of amazing photographers are not necessarily the best teachers, but he is certainly the exception to the rule!

Colleen M – Burlington, CT

We had one of the largest attendance rates for a virtual presentation!

Thank you for sharing your vision, creativity and inspiration with the Orlando Camera Club last night. I’m looking forward to hosting you for a “live,” in-person presentation and workshop in the future.

Holly M – Orlando, FL

I am so glad that I attended.

Over the years, I have joined Charles on five (5) different photographic workshops: Keukenhof Gardens (the Netherlands) and Monet’s Garden (Giverny, France) in the Spring 2012, Monet’s Garden (Giverny, France) and Southern English Gardens (England) in the Summer 2015, Napa Valley (California) to explore the vineyards and wineries during the Fall colors (2013 and 2015), and a photography reunion at Callaway Gardens (Atlanta) in 2015. Many of the Impressionistic techniques and macro photographic techniques he teaches are unique and very different from those taught by his competitors. I have definitely enjoyed having special access to photographically unique opportunities that would not have been possible to do independently. I look forward to attending more workshops with Charles in the future.

Rene L – Wheaton, IL

I highly recommend Charles to anyone looking for a wonderful instructor and a wonderful time.

I have taken many workshops with Charles, including the Creative Macro Weekend Master Class, “iPhone Magic,” Oregon Coast and Monet’s Garden (in Giverny, France). I have worked privately with him at least four times and have been very happy with his teaching style (patient, kind, thorough, detailed, picky, and also lots of fun). Not only that, but thanks to him, I have visited beautiful places I might not have otherwise. I highly recommend Charles especially to anyone who wants to ignite their creativity. In particular, his in-camera Impressionistic techniques are fun, and the resulting photos are beautiful. Charles gives so much to his students: time, attention, enthusiasm, knowledge and more.

Betty A – Billings, MT

This was a spectacular workshop.

My wife and I joined Charles Needle’s photography workshop to Monet’s Garden and the English Gardens in June of 2015.  Charles was very helpful in the field both explaining techniques and then demonstrating them to you on your equipment.  I found this very helpful.  Charles does not do any personal photography in the field but makes his way to everyone to make sure that questions are answered and techniques demonstrated.  He also provides supportive image evaluations to help take my images to the next level. We had a great time on the trip, made some beautiful images and met wonderful people.  Charles made this all possible.  I highly recommend his trips.

Bruce L – Wheaton, IL

I have had the pleasure of joining Charles for two classes. 

Charles encouraged me to play outside my comfort zone and experiment with creative photography.  It was clear to me that he has a passion for teaching photography, helping to bring out your creative side, and his lectures were easy to follow and then incorporate in the next field session.  The techniques I learned with both my traditional SLR and my smartphone led to a gallery show where I have sold seven prints! A week in the field with Charles will not only expand your world to creative photography, but also realign you with the beauty Mother Nature holds.  My photography has gained a new dimension of creativity thanks to Charles, and I am looking forward to my next adventure participating in of his workshops!

Melissa F – Lynn, MA

Charles’ Butchart Gardens workshop was one of the best, if not THE BEST, photo workshop I’ve ever attended!

It was good to have his hands-on instruction and lectures. Too many workshops I’ve attended, they take you to a place and say ‘Take photos.’ I can do that myself for free! I enjoyed seeing your great photography, and it inspires me to keep going. The supportive image evaluations were very good as well.

Tom M – Gig Harbor, WA

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