Online Learning

Learn how to take your photography to the next level from the comfort of your own home. Using a wide range of popular learning formats — live webinars, live shooting demonstrations, live lectures, recorded webinars and recorded premium tutorials — I can teach you how to see more deeply and craft innovative expressive images that are uniquely yours.

Regardless of current skill level, you’ll benefit from my informal, yet informative teaching style and come away with new knowledge you can begin to apply immediately on your own. In addition to all the technical aspects of photography, such as camera settings, lighting and photo-editing techniques, you will explore the artistic side of photography (a learnable skill), learn to see in new ways and develop your own creative vision.

Whether you want to master a specific new technique or study foundational principles of good visual design, I can guide you every step of the way. Taking one of my online courses or watching one of my recorded webinars or video tutorials is the next best thing to having me right there beside you in the field or classroom.


“The Understand Photography Show” guest appearance
March 2020

In 2020, just before the COVID-19 lockdown, Peggy Farren interviewed me on her popular “Understand Photography Show.” I shared insights about making in-camera painterly images and how it all started while leading workshops in Monet’s Garden.

ShuttermonkeysTV “Photo Talk” guest appearance
September 2020

Professional landscape photographer, Ian Plant, sat down with me during the COVID-19 pandemic to discuss a variety of creative camera techniques, including selective-focus macro, wide-angle macro, montage techniques, intentional camera movement and multiple-exposure effects.

Premium Webinars & Video Tutorials

Learn from a wide variety of premium recorded webinars and tutorials on topics ranging from Impressionistic photography to creative macro photography, creative iPhone photography and more.

In many of the sessions below, I give live teaching demos. These can be purchased and downloaded for personal use (only). Learn at your own pace. Watch as many times as you like, starting and stopping to review the material multiple times and take notes, all from the convenience and comfort of your home!

Impressionistic Photography with Charles Needle
Recorded Webinar

Creative Macro Photography with Charles Needle
Recorded Webinar

How to Create Jaw-Dropping Water Droplet Images Video Tutorial

Creative Smartphone Photography: Part 1
Recorded Webinar

Creative Smartphone Photography: Part 2
Recorded Webinar

The Healing Power of Nature
Relaxation Program

Coming Soon...

Live Webinars & Online Classes

In the future, I plan to offer live webinars and online photography classes covering a wide range of subjects.  To receive notifications about these upcoming webinars and classes, click here to join my email list. 

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