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Out of Chicago LIVE! 2023 Attendees

Thank you for attending Out of Chicago LIVE! 2023.  I hope you came away inspired to take your photography to new heights!

As a special thank you, I’m offering free shipping on all smartphone folio pamphlets through March 1, 2023.  Just use the secret password before adding these items to your shopping cart, and you’ll get free shipping!

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Whether you’re interested in learning how to craft painterly images using nothing more than your camera or smartphone, how to improve your close-up and macro photography skills, or how various shooting and editing apps can help elevate your smartphone photography game, you’ll be inspired by each of these best-selling publications, ready to create images you never dreamed possible.

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For me, teaching photography is much more than a vocation.  It’s a passion that runs deep within.  I view photography as a way of connecting with the beauty of the world on a more intimate level.  I consider it an honor and privilege to work with you and want to continue supporting you in your photographic journey long after your workshop experience. Join me for an unforgettable photographic adventure!

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