Private Mentorship

Work one-on-one with me virtually or in person to develop your image-making skills and advance ideas and goals. In this completely customized program, you receive guidance, insight, support, direction, expertise and coaching over a sustained period of time.  Having a seasoned professional educator like myself as your private teacher not only accelerates the learning curve, but also brings structure and a level of accountability to your picture-making on a regular basis from anywhere in the world.

Mentorships are often goal-oriented, improving your photography by refining your personal vision and style.  After discussing your objectives, we define goals and then custom design a path to accomplish them together. Whether you want to take your macro photography to the next level, refine your Impressionistic image-making skills, gain advice on how to make a living as a full-time professional fine art photographer, or learn how to see deeper and become a more creative photographer and visual artist, I guide you every step of the way.

Quick Refresher

These 90-minute virtual sessions are designed for those who need a quick “tune-up” or refresher. 

Whether it’s reviewing or refining a specific in-camera Impressionistic or macro technique, new mobile app or post-processing technique using mobile editing tools or Photoshop/Lightroom, I am available for these as well. 

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