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  • eGift Card

    eGift cards make the PERFECT GIFT for the photo enthusiast in your life!  These can be redeemed toward any workshops/tours I run myself, private mentorship sessions, premium video tutorials, products in my online store and more.

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  • Tiny Worlds: Creative Macro Photography Skills


    Tiny Worlds:
    Creative Macro Photography Skills

    Available as a Kindle ebook | See “Buy Now” button below.

    Successful nature photographer and lecturer Charles Needle often asks students in his workshops if they understand the difference between “looking” and “seeing”. The difference he is pointing out is that while we are constantly “looking” at countless people, places and things, we might not be actually seeing what is right in front of us. Being tuned into this difference can elevate your art as a photographer, allowing you to be more in tune with your surroundings. Needle has applied this concept to his work and it shows. Utilizing macro photography to capture the nuances of the nature all around us.

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  • Taleidoscope Lens

    Taleidoscope Lens

    Taleidoscope Lens is a specialized lens available exclusively through Charles.

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  • Smartphone Lens Kit

    Smartphone Lens Kit

    This professional phone camera lens kit works with 98 percent of mobile phones (iPhone and Android), as long as the center of your phone lens is no more than 1.5“ from the outer edge. (Can also be used with most phone cases without needing to remove the case.)

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  • Rainbow Thingy

    Rainbow Thingy

    Here’s a fun photo prop that’s sure to provide hours of macro photography entertainment!

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  • Mylar Sheet

    Mylar Sheet

    This acid free, archival metallized film has a thin coating of aluminum vacuum deposited on the surface, which creates the perfect mirror-like finish for photographing reflections or making a “mylar tube” to shoot through, as described in Charles’ Creative Macro Photography eBook. (Shipped rolled in a sturdy cardboard tube.)

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  • Multi-Color LED Flashlight

    Multi-Color LED Flashlight

    Made of durable aluminum, this flashlight is the perfect tool for macro photography or light-painting because you can create rainbow effects and program your favorite color settings. Rechargeable 18650 battery + USB charger included.

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  • Macro Knee Pads

    Macro Knee Pads

    How often have you wished you had protection for your knees when shooting closeups in the field? Having a pair of good knee pads helps expand the range of photographic possibilities because you’ll be able to kneel on concrete in public gardens or on the ground in a meadow or forest and photograph for hours with minimal discomfort!

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