Below, at the bottom of this page, are various resources mentioned in my workshops, conference presentations, webinars and books that are available for download here.

• The Multiple-Exposure Script is a Photoshop plug-in that enables you to combine an unlimited number of frames into a single image and is especially useful if your camera does not have built-in multiple-exposure capability.

Multi-Color Flashlight Instructions explain how to use the invaluable Multi-Color Flashlight [link to Multi-Color Flashlight in Store] available for purchase in my Store.

• The “Mindfulness, Photography & Creativity” selected bibliography is a compilation of books and other resources related to the topic of mindfulness, photography and creativity.

If you’re interested in having me speak at your next camera club meeting, conference or corporate event, or if you’ve already scheduled me to speak in the future, you can download all my Speaker Assets from this page, which include:

• Artist’s statement
• Current bio
• Headshot
• CV
• Presentation and workshop descriptions
• Images that accompany each presentation or workshop topic

Download Resources

Multiple-Exposure Script

Multi-Color LED Flashlight Instructions

“Mindfulness, Photography & Creativity”

Speaker Assets

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